“I have utilized Dyane’s writing and editing services. She is gifted and skilled in both areas. But what sets her apart from others who are similarly gifted and skilled is her passion. Editing is not just a job for her. She has a heart for other Christian writers and wants to see them succeed. When you work with her, you don’t get a quick editing job and then a bill. You get someone who is committed to and passionate about your success.”Chris McKinney, Called Writers Christian Publishing


“Dyane is a fantastic editor. I say this, staring at pages of red ink on my manuscript, thinking, ‘Oh, how did I not think of that?’ and ‘Mercy! She crossed half a page out! Oh . . . I see, it was my blather.’ She can look at awkward sentences (like the ones I thought were ‘pretty cool’) and suggest another way to state that thought without going off track. She goes after spelling, grammar, punctuation, awkward sentences, plot holes, offers suggestions and asks questions. Impressive. She looked at my first draft so I did expect to see blood, but whoa, this was a massacre—the good kind, the kind of slashing and suggesting that will make a manuscript shine.”Claire O’Sullivan, author


“For my latest book, I hired Dyane Forde . . . primarily as that objective second pair of eyes. Dyane and I had a previous relationship as writers under the Breakwater Harbor Books cooperative imprint. I knew she would be professional, caring and not avoid dealing with my weaknesses.

“Her turnaround time was quick—less than two weeks for a 100,000-word manuscript. I’m sure that might vary depending on how busy she is, but I was impressed because it was nearly a week shorter than we had agreed upon.

“Dyane concentrated on content and copy-writing while also proof-reading the manuscript and she performed wonderfully. This was my 8th published book, the 4th in this series and there are issues with that. You don’t want to rewrite the entire series in this book, so that can make it difficult for an editor to orient themselves. I provided a synopsis of my prior books and she figured it out. Dyane flagged when she thought I needed to explain the back story a bit, she pointed out some pacing issues and a story line that I really had gotten sloppy with. And of course, that meant I had to go back to the manuscript and do some rewrite to make it better . . . which is the reason we hire an editor and I was thrilled to do it . . . ” —Lela Markham, author



For those who’ve not had the opportunity to interact with Dyane Forde, she’s the real deal!

Before you push the publish button on Amazon, please consider getting a quality edit. Too many of the ARCs I’ve read have not been ready for prime time; however, the authors had already published to Amazon. Instead of allowing an editor to smooth out the rough spots, readers posted one-star reviews highlighting [those] issues. —Grant P. Ferguson, Middle School Mystery Books