3 Questions on Motivation That Can Move Your Story Forward

A few weeks ago, I met a Christian Creative friend at a local coffee shop. As we settled into the conversation and polished off our Tim Horton’s coffees, she said the words that inspired this post: “I’ve gone back to a story I’ve been writing for years, but I’m stuck! I don’t know what to … Continue reading 3 Questions on Motivation That Can Move Your Story Forward

Repost: Overcoming Depression after a Writers Conference

If you've attended a writing conference, you might be able to relate to this post. Read on to ensure you get the most out of your conferences while protecting your physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Click here to read the post.

Repost: What Does Your Reader Need? –

Who are you really writing for? This is an excellent, thought-provoking, and important advice for any writer seeking to share the love of Christ with the world. Please click on the link below to read the post.  https://stevelaube.com/what-does-your-reader-need/ I'd love to know your thoughts on this subject.

Reblog: Finally. Revision Help for the Hopeless Writer

For authors who might need help with the revision process…I’ll be testing this one out and posting about my progress. Click on the hyperlink below to read the full post.


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Focus Writing Services

Revising is one of the most difficult aspects of writing for many writers. The reasons vary from not having a good beta-reader or critique network, to lack of editing skills or lack of confidence in our own editing skills, lack of money to pay someone to do the job for us, etc. Like many of you, I’ve experienced those issues at various stages of my writing career. Not only do those problems cause stress, but they can delay the completion of a manuscript or result in the production of an inferior one.

Head in HandsMy published books in theRise of the Papilion Trilogy took many years to complete, largely for the reasons mentioned above. At the completion of each book, the sense of accomplishment and joy I felt were immediately followed by terror:  What the heck do I do now, and how in the world can I afford it???

Recently, I’ve…

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Repost: Five Sticky Words — Piece of Mind

For about three days at the beginning of April, I was surrounded by people who write, edit, illustrate, rearrange, print and sell words. Attending the annual Evangelical Press Association convention, always the professional highlight of my year, I was in my element. I likely spoke many more words in those three days than I normally […] … Continue reading Repost: Five Sticky Words — Piece of Mind