How You Can Support What You Love

My church often uses the phrase "You support what you love" when it wants to remind us that people often find the means to give of their time, money, and resources when they care deeply about something. In this same spirit, I'd like to encourage you to support an important project that the Christian Creative … Continue reading How You Can Support What You Love

Giving Back: the Power of Your Testimony

You didn’t suddenly wake up a great writer, did you? Most likely, you had to put in hours of reading and writing practice, suffer through rounds of scathing critiques, and submit to the dreaded editor’s pen over and over until you felt confident in your ability. The point is, you likely didn’t get there alone. … Continue reading Giving Back: the Power of Your Testimony

We are Called to Love

It’s easy to fall into a rut in our Christianity. We choose the music we like and have our pick of worship artists to listen to. The market is flooded with books that encourage godly living and promote clean, Christian content. And, thanks to Netflix and other sources, we can easily tune-in to Christian shows … Continue reading We are Called to Love