Watch “Dyane Forde Author Editor & Publisher – Determined and Committed” on YouTube

For those who missed the notices on Facebook and Twitter, you can check out my YouTube interview with J.H. Carpenter Barnes and Wendy L. Cunningham Barnes of JW/Fuzion below. We talk writing and editing, serving God with our gifts, and the Lost Pen Magazine. An audio version is available here.     Also, don't forget that … Continue reading Watch “Dyane Forde Author Editor & Publisher – Determined and Committed” on YouTube

How You Can Support What You Love

My church often uses the phrase "You support what you love" when it wants to remind us that people often find the means to give of their time, money, and resources when they care deeply about something. In this same spirit, I'd like to encourage you to support an important project that the Christian Creative … Continue reading How You Can Support What You Love

Fiction Feature: Home Quest

Home Quest by Carla Durbach Finding a place you can call home is the hardest. There is always a border, a fence, a wall, even if it is made of ideology. Fear doesn’t make for sturdy construction material, but there you have it. Turns out most people tend to become a tad distressed at inklings … Continue reading Fiction Feature: Home Quest

Short Story: Always Something

Always Something by David Russell   The light on my 2011 Lexus started flashing as I was backing out of my garage to head to tend to a matter on the pediatric floor at the Children's Hospital. I'd known about the recall on the curtain airbag shield but put it off due to work. See, my … Continue reading Short Story: Always Something

Flash Fiction: Ascending

Ascending It’s cold underwater. Holding my breath, watching the bubbles bloat and pop in front of me before rising to the surface, I float in the deep. The sun sparkles from beyond the water’s surface, bright yellow, warm, golden. And I know he is also there, so close and yet so far away. I hadn’t … Continue reading Flash Fiction: Ascending