Poem: Shield

Shield  by Scott J. Toney   I believe as I am standing on the cusp of molding fate that the strength of my resilience is enough to extinguish flame that the darkness in the room can be driven through the doors that with God by my side I can grow wings and can soar I … Continue reading Poem: Shield

Pulpit to Page, Issue 1: Zacchaeus (Part 3)

The following transcription, submitted by Scott J. Toney, is part 3 of a sermon based on the story of Zacchaeus. To find the original 14-page e-book, click here.   Pulpit to Page, Issue 1: Zacchaeus  Copyright 2013 by Scott J. Toney, Published by Breakwater Harbor Books  This is a sermon given by Rev. Lance King at Chestnut Grove and scribed by Scott J. … Continue reading Pulpit to Page, Issue 1: Zacchaeus (Part 3)