Poetry: Peace

Photo by  @whoisbenjamin (Unsplash)   Peace by Olowo Hope   The more I struggled, the more it grew Pushing me further down deep. The clouds above hovered in pity Thunder spoke in roars Lightning flashed through the walls of darkness, I sunk deeper, fighting the waves.    Bereft of strength, I yielded.  Dancing to the … Continue reading Poetry: Peace

Poetry: A Broken Vessel Made Whole

Photo by Rafał Rudol on Unsplash   A Broken Vessel Made Whole by Robert M. Starr   I touched the wood with a trembling hand And felt the blood of a crucified man.   He was guiltless, innocent, without sin, Yet He hung on the cross, dying at the hands of men.   I thought … Continue reading Poetry: A Broken Vessel Made Whole

Fiction Feature: Home Quest

Home Quest by Carla Durbach Finding a place you can call home is the hardest. There is always a border, a fence, a wall, even if it is made of ideology. Fear doesn’t make for sturdy construction material, but there you have it. Turns out most people tend to become a tad distressed at inklings … Continue reading Fiction Feature: Home Quest