Poetry: Gathering Joy

Image by Melissa Askew from Unsplash   Gathering Joy by Veronica McDonald   I gather joy around me like a blanket. You feel as warm as kindergarten like a gentle cotton cloud against chubby baby fingers covered in white paste. Like that feeling called home when home wouldn’t do. An invisible best friend as natural as … Continue reading Poetry: Gathering Joy

The Princess and Her Prince, A Poem by Anna Jensen

(photo by Photo by Alice Alinari on Unsplash)   The Princess and Her Prince by Anna Jensen   The princess knew not where she wandered         nor quite how she had got there Isolated in a darkened dell         devoid of friends or fairies. Snared, entrapped, bramble-bound. Muddied, soiled, abused.   Pristine gown, stained and spattered         slashed and briar-torn Feet … Continue reading The Princess and Her Prince, A Poem by Anna Jensen

Flash Fiction: Ascending

Ascending It’s cold underwater. Holding my breath, watching the bubbles bloat and pop in front of me before rising to the surface, I float in the deep. The sun sparkles from beyond the water’s surface, bright yellow, warm, golden. And I know he is also there, so close and yet so far away. I hadn’t … Continue reading Flash Fiction: Ascending

Interview with Linda Kay of Go Beyond Online

Welcome Linda! It's great to have you with us today. I'm so excited to hear about you and your ministry. Please, tell us about what you've been up to. Can you tell us a little about yourself? What led you to writing? My name is Linda Kay.  I am married to a wonderful man who … Continue reading Interview with Linda Kay of Go Beyond Online

Love Loves Me: A Testimony

Love Loves Me:  A Testimony by Talisha Walton   I confess, in all honesty, I’ve always had an intense desire in my heart to find true love. I wanted someone who’d truly love me—unconditioned. I coveted love from someone who’d accept me with all of my flaws, look pass all of the mistakes I’ve made, … Continue reading Love Loves Me: A Testimony