Poetry: Gathering Joy

Image by Melissa Askew from Unsplash   Gathering Joy by Veronica McDonald   I gather joy around me like a blanket. You feel as warm as kindergarten like a gentle cotton cloud against chubby baby fingers covered in white paste. Like that feeling called home when home wouldn’t do. An invisible best friend as natural as … Continue reading Poetry: Gathering Joy

Poetry: I’ll Go Where You Send Me

  I'll Go Where You Send Me by April Ojeda   I'll go where you send me, I'll write words you lend me, But fall out of step on the way. Distracted by options And prone to disruptions Oft veering off-course. God, I may Run far off and leave you Then call when I need … Continue reading Poetry: I’ll Go Where You Send Me

Poem: Shield

Shield  by Scott J. Toney   I believe as I am standing on the cusp of molding fate that the strength of my resilience is enough to extinguish flame that the darkness in the room can be driven through the doors that with God by my side I can grow wings and can soar I … Continue reading Poem: Shield