Testimony of Faith: Hold Her Hand

    -Testimony guest post submitted by Kari Tyree Where I live, the Texas mountain laurels bloom mostly during February. Full-grown, they are gorgeous trees covered with purple blossoms that make the air smell like grape SweeTARTS. Wouldn’t you want to be that beautiful, if you were a tree? One February, I held my daughter’s hand … Continue reading Testimony of Faith: Hold Her Hand

Love Loves Me: A Testimony

Love Loves Me:  A Testimony by Talisha Walton   I confess, in all honesty, I’ve always had an intense desire in my heart to find true love. I wanted someone who’d truly love me—unconditioned. I coveted love from someone who’d accept me with all of my flaws, look pass all of the mistakes I’ve made, … Continue reading Love Loves Me: A Testimony