Stepping Out in Faith

Stepping Out in Faith by Lela Markham   The other day I was explaining to someone how the process of a discovery writer works for me. I don’t often know where the characters are going to take the story until we get there. I sometimes know the broad strokes. So, for example, I might know … Continue reading Stepping Out in Faith

Sand in Your Shoes, by Lela Markham

Does your faith make you uncomfortable? It should. Jesus wasn’t comfortable. He struggled with temptation, He was cold, hungry and tired, sometimes He was frustrated enough to toss usurpers out of His Father’s house by violent means. He risked censor by correcting the churchy, judgey people of His day in public settings. They tried to … Continue reading Sand in Your Shoes, by Lela Markham

Tearing Down High-Places

Tearing Down High-Places, by Lela Markham In the Bible, many a man and a few women stumbled over idols in their pursuit to follow God and there were times in Israel’s history when God sent prophets to the nation to warn them to tear down the high places of Canaanite worship. I believe that these … Continue reading Tearing Down High-Places

Books: Transformation Project series 99-cents this week

Check out the apocalyptic book series by Lela Markham, on sale this week. Click here for book 1.   All books in Transformation Project series are on 99-cent sale this week. Life As We Knew It (Book 1) Chaos changes everything! Shane Delaney, a burned-out mercenary with a troubled past, returns home to small-town Kansas … Continue reading Books: Transformation Project series 99-cents this week