Poetry: Clamoring for the Bottom Rung, by Carole L. Haines

Image by Xin on Unsplash   Clamoring for the Bottom Rung by Carole L. Haines Even if no one else ever sees down deep in the darkest parts of me I see and God sees or if no one else ever knows the harshest thoughts, the hurts, the wounds . . . I know and … Continue reading Poetry: Clamoring for the Bottom Rung, by Carole L. Haines

How’s Your Heart this Christmas?

Relax and Reset I can’t believe it’s December! So much has been happening that I can barely keep up. I’m sure you feel similarly, especially with the Christmas season around the corner. As you’re getting ready to contend with snowfalls and snow storms, endless hours of holiday music blasting in the stores, and pushing past … Continue reading How’s Your Heart this Christmas?

Poem: It’s Christmas Time

It's Christmas Time by Ghita Manaila   It’s Christmas time, the most beautiful holiday It is time for carols, it is time for play. Play of snowflakes, here and there Play of the children from everywhere Everywhere Santa is sharing toys Everywhere Santa is sharing joys Joys and happiness Joys and soul peace. Peace from above, … Continue reading Poem: It’s Christmas Time

Not Living Up to the World’s Standards

Not Living Up to the World’s Standards by Lela Markham   What makes a Christian creative a Christian? I had to ask myself that question recently when someone with an axe to grind posted a review of one of my books that said, in essence, that I wasn’t a Christian because I don’t think the … Continue reading Not Living Up to the World’s Standards

Confessions From the Science Lady

Not every act of creativity involves writing or publishing books, composing a song, or painting. There are many unsung 'creative heroes' who use their creativity, skills, and passion to communicate the love of Jesus to others in different ways.  Today's guest is a woman who is dedicated to teaching children about Christ through the Vacation … Continue reading Confessions From the Science Lady