Poetry: Cry to the Lord

Cry to the Lord by Lynne Farmer photo by  Diana Simumpande, Unsplash I heard someone                  crying the other night                            as I lay safe in my bed             to describe it seemed                      impossible but then                 like a message sent in the night sounding out its call— I could hear . . . the cry of a … Continue reading Poetry: Cry to the Lord

Poetry: Gathering Joy

Image by Melissa Askew from Unsplash   Gathering Joy by Veronica McDonald   I gather joy around me like a blanket. You feel as warm as kindergarten like a gentle cotton cloud against chubby baby fingers covered in white paste. Like that feeling called home when home wouldn’t do. An invisible best friend as natural as … Continue reading Poetry: Gathering Joy

Poetry: A Broken Vessel Made Whole

Photo by Rafał Rudol on Unsplash   A Broken Vessel Made Whole by Robert M. Starr   I touched the wood with a trembling hand And felt the blood of a crucified man.   He was guiltless, innocent, without sin, Yet He hung on the cross, dying at the hands of men.   I thought … Continue reading Poetry: A Broken Vessel Made Whole

Inspirational Post: The Remedy for Discouragement

Photo by Rod Long (Unsplash) The Remedy for Discouragement by Nicole Byrum It’s a Wonderful Life is a classic Christmas movie loved by many for the last seven decades. I hadn’t seen it for quite some time and enjoyed watching it with my family this past holiday season. It was the first viewing for both … Continue reading Inspirational Post: The Remedy for Discouragement

The Steps That Lead To Nowhere

Photo by Tama66 (Pixabay)   The Steps That Lead To Nowhere by Carole L. Haines   Our family just loves to visit abandoned places. There are a few really interesting ones near our home. Our son is especially into this, so we go on hikes with him to see these places. He studies up on … Continue reading The Steps That Lead To Nowhere