How You Can Support What You Love

My church often uses the phrase "You support what you love" when it wants to remind us that people often find the means to give of their time, money, and resources when they care deeply about something. In this same spirit, I'd like to encourage you to support an important project that the Christian Creative … Continue reading How You Can Support What You Love

Fiction Feature: Home Quest

Home Quest by Carla Durbach Finding a place you can call home is the hardest. There is always a border, a fence, a wall, even if it is made of ideology. Fear doesn’t make for sturdy construction material, but there you have it. Turns out most people tend to become a tad distressed at inklings … Continue reading Fiction Feature: Home Quest

Meet Author J.H. Carpenter Barnes

Today's interview is with a writer, prophet, radio host, and all-around passionate follower of Christ. I invite you to spend a few minutes with us this morning getting to know James H. Carpenter Barnes. Good morning, James. Can you begin by telling us a little about yourself? I was born in the city of Chicago, raised … Continue reading Meet Author J.H. Carpenter Barnes

‘Nobody Girl’ by Claire O’Sullivan: Chapter 2 excerpt

Click here to read Chapter 1 of Claire O'Sullivan's Nobody Girl. Visit next week for the third and final excerpt of the WIP. Blurb: Alex Makela is in over head in rural Olvegaart, Minnesota. The chief of police passed away, leaving her deputy, detective and chief. Her biggest duties include rounding up wayward cows, tracking … Continue reading ‘Nobody Girl’ by Claire O’Sullivan: Chapter 2 excerpt

Tearing Down High-Places

Tearing Down High-Places, by Lela Markham In the Bible, many a man and a few women stumbled over idols in their pursuit to follow God and there were times in Israel’s history when God sent prophets to the nation to warn them to tear down the high places of Canaanite worship. I believe that these … Continue reading Tearing Down High-Places