Poetry: Cry to the Lord

Cry to the Lord by Lynne Farmer photo by  Diana Simumpande, Unsplash I heard someone                  crying the other night                            as I lay safe in my bed             to describe it seemed                      impossible but then                 like a message sent in the night sounding out its call— I could hear . . . the cry of a … Continue reading Poetry: Cry to the Lord

Repost: Overcoming Depression after a Writers Conference

If you've attended a writing conference, you might be able to relate to this post. Read on to ensure you get the most out of your conferences while protecting your physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Click here to read the post.

Repost: Waiting at the Screen Door

Beautiful, moving, heartfelt, encouraging post about stepping out for the Lord, crushing depression, and realizing that God walks with us through it all. Take a moment to read this woman's experience (link below). You might see yourself in it, or someone you know. If so, take heart. God loves you, He is with you, and … Continue reading Repost: Waiting at the Screen Door