Poetry: Driving Country Highways in July (Joyful)

Photo by  Matthew T Rader (Unsplash) I love road trips in the summertime. They remind me to look around and see God's blessings that are so easily missed in the busyness of work and family responsibilities. —April Ojeda, poet   Driving Country Highways in July (Joyful) by April Ojeda Stately Thistle, purple headdress, Holding court in … Continue reading Poetry: Driving Country Highways in July (Joyful)

In God We Trust—But Do We Really? Learning to Let God Handle Our Busyn – Armor Of God Coffee

If you're a goal-driven person struggling with anxiety, stress, busyness, and learning to trust God, this post may be just what you need... Thanks to Armor of God Coffee for publishing this devotional on their blog. https://www.armorofgodcoffee.com/blogs/armor-up/in-god-we-trust-but-do-we-really-learning-to-let-god-handle-our-busyness