How To Submit

Starting in the Spring of 2021, Lost Pen Magazine will no longer be published in the PDF format. All future submissions will be published on the Lost Pen Magazine’s blog. Also, no themes will be assigned, so contributors are free to submit according to how the Holy Spirit leads. 



Examples of Acceptable Submissions:

– pieces about creativity, the challenges creatives face, etc.

– book/art/music reviews

– visual/fine art

– devotionals

– photography

– articles of interest/opinions

– book excerpts

– short fiction

– poetry

– interviews

– testimonies

Have your own idea? Tell us about it.

A word about what we publish: We’re looking for work that has a clear Christ-centred theme that fosters unity in the Body, focuses on the love of God, and on the fruits of the Spirit. The magazine strives to celebrate the One who gave us our gifts and talents, and the opportunity to create for His glory. For this reason, please do not submit work containing profanity, or gratuitous sexual or related content. If you are unsure if your submission is suitable, I invite you to contact us.

Lost Pen Magazine is non-denominational. However, for an idea of our core beliefs, you may consult the Apostle’s Creed.


How to Submit:

  • Examples of what we are looking for: poetry, short stories (1000-1500 words), flash fiction (100-500 words), articles (1000-1500 words), art, photography, movie and book reviews (500-1000 words), testimonies (500-1000 words), and devotionals (500-1000 words). If you have an idea that isn’t mentioned here, contact us about it. Also, please indicate your submission’s category. For example, “Testimony”, “Devotional”, “Article”, or “Fiction”. If none is provided, the editor will make choose a category.
  • Pieces that have been submitted elsewhere that are older than 6 months are permitted, as long as contributors are permitted to resubmit it. Please mention in your submission email that the piece has been published elsewhere and include the name of the publication and the publication date. Note: It is up to contributors to verify the permissions/restrictions concerning their pieces.
  • All accepted written pieces will be edited. That said, it is expected that ALL submitted pieces will have been edited to the best of the contributor’s ability upon submission. Please consider using resources like Grammarly and ProWritingAid to support your editing efforts. 
  • Please include a short bio (max 50 words), a headshot if desired,  and one social media link/website URL WITH your submission. 
  • For art submissions, please send high-resolution .jpeg or .png only. It is up to the contributor to ensure they have all the permissions required to submit a piece.
  • Send submissions to
  • Submissions that do not follow these guidelines may be immediately refused.


In submitting your work, you confirm that you have read and have agreed to the following:

  • That you are the owner or creator of the work(s) submitted; that you give your permission for your work to be used by Lost Pen Magazine; that you accept that your submissions will be edited as needed to fit the our quality and aesthetic parameters.
  • You understand and accept that LPM offers no monetary compensation for publishing your work. 
  • It is the responsibility of the contributor to ensure that they have the proper rights and permissions to their work prior to submission. Also, verifying facts and citing sources is the contributor’s responsibility. This includes properly citing quoted, paraphrased, or otherwise “borrowed” information.

Questions? Please use the contact form below.