Radiant Community



As shared on the Lost Pen Magazine Facebook Page and in the Lost Pen Magazine newsletter, I felt the need to develop and deploy the Radiant Community. The idea is to create a place for Christ-centred creatives to meet, grow, and care for one another while deepening our relationship with God and our understanding of our unique God-given purposes. 

We all have needs. Some may need something: encouragement, a place to cry, or to know that they are not alone in the struggle to use their creative gifts. And, others may need to give: wisdom, a kind word, a life-lesson, or tools or resources. Whatever you have to give, or whatever you may need, I hope the Radiant Community will be a place that everyone leaves transformed by the love of Christ activated through His Body. 

Our first session began June 13, on Zoom. My invaluable co-host—coach, publisher, and marketing expert Diane K. Bell of Legacy Lane Publishing—and I led the group in a wonderful time of learning, sharing, support, equipping, and prayer. On July 11, we begin a writer’s challenge geared to help writer’s start a new project or resolve problems in a current or “shelved” work, while offering critical information and resources on craft, marketing, publishing, and more.

Did I mention there will be workshops, too?

For a taste of what the Radiant Community is about, I invite you to check out this “Radiant Moment” YouTube video inspired by 1 Peter 1:10-12 and my journey to understand God’s definition of success. The video, which preceded a time of meditation on the Word, led to intense, transformational reflection and discussion during the June 20 session. I hope it will inspire, encourage, and challenge you, too.

Are you ready to accept your calling as a Christian creative? Are you ready for God to move you into that calling? Do you want to connect with other Christ-centred believers, or find tools to help you achieve your goals? 

If so, email LPM at fwritingservices@gmail.com or use the contact form below for information on how to join.

And remember: RADIATE the light of Christ!