Radiant Writers’ Community



As shared on the Lost Pen Magazine Facebook Page and in the Lost Pen Magazine newsletter, I felt the need to develop and deploy the Radiant Community (now Radiant Writers’ Community). The idea is to create a place for Christ-centred creatives to meet, grow, and care for one another while deepening our relationship with God and our understanding of our unique God-given purposes. 

We all have needs. Some may need something: encouragement, a place to cry, or to know that they are not alone in the struggle to use their creative gifts. And, others may need to give: wisdom, a kind word, a life-lesson, or tools or resources. Whatever you have to give, or whatever you may need, I hope the Radiant Community will be a place that everyone leaves transformed by the love of Christ activated through His Body. 

Our first session began June 13, on Zoom. My invaluable co-host—coach, publisher, and marketing expert Diane K. Bell of Legacy Lane Publishing—and I led the group in a wonderful time of learning, sharing, support, equipping, and prayer. Soon, we will begin a writing challenge geared to help writer’s start a new project or resolve problems in a current or “shelved” work, while offering critical information and resources on craft, marketing, publishing, and more. Participating writers will also have the chance for their work to be featured in Issue 4 of Lost Pen Magazine

Did I mention there will be workshops, too?

For a taste of what the Radiant Community is about, I invite you to check out this “Radiant Moment” YouTube video inspired by 1 Peter 1:10-12 and my journey to understand God’s definition of success. The video, which preceded a time of meditation on the Word, led to intense, transformational reflection and discussion during the June 20 session. I hope it will inspire, encourage, and challenge you, too.

Are you ready to accept your calling as a Christian creative? Are you ready for God to move you into that calling? Do you want to connect with other Christ-centred believers, or find tools to help you achieve your goals? 

If so, email LPM at fwritingservices@gmail.com or sign up to receive updates and other information about upcoming sessions. 

And remember: RADIATE the light of Christ!