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The Blessing of a Song

Photo by Jefferson Santos on Unsplash

These days, watching the news or scrolling through social media often leaves me feeling discouraged and drained. The world is chaotic, full of noise. High tensions. Pointing fingers.

But Christians are called to stand firm in the faith, to be rooted in Christ, and to be examples of how to live boldly, and to be examples of how to live righteously in such confusing times.

I want to thank Bruce Nevin Haines for submitting the song “To Raise the Standard,” which reminds us of the importance of laying everything down at the cross for the sake of true peace. Please enjoy this timely and poignant song. I hope you are encouraged today.


Bruce Nevin Haines, singer-songwriter

Maryland-based singer-songwriter Bruce Nevin Haines developed a passion for songwriting at an early age. He has penned over 200 songs, and he strives for each one to resonate with life-changing truth and emotion. His influences are varied, but Haines prefers the acoustic guitar-driven styles of Bruce Cockburn and Dan Fogelberg. He is married to his wife of over 35 years, Carole, and has three adult children. For more, visit him on Soundcloud and YouTube.

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  1. What a blessing to be introduced to our brother Bruce and the talents Abba has given him!

    That’s what I love about Lost Pen Publishing…I’m meeting so many creatives in the family of God that I wouldn’t have otherwise.

    Even in these chaotic times, God is working. He gave my husband and me time to spend with a neighbor in crisis (who could have died), we shared the Gospel, and the neighbor was very open.

    He told us yesterday he will go to a Bible-teaching church this Sunday, Feb. 28th.

    Please pray he repents of his sins and receives Jesus Christ as savior and Lord this coming Sunday.

    Thanks, family!

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