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Poetry: I Thirst

Poem by Olowo Hope

Image by Tony Mucci on Unsplash

The sun burned brightly in cold reception,

In its whisper, the wind speaks of beyond.

My eyes surveyed the vast world of my journey,

Out of the hot sand into another, I lifted my foot,

A sojourner; destination uncertain.

The wind came between me and my wineskin,

Consuming all, down to the last drop,

Sending dryness down my throat.

Frail bones wrapped in thin skin, I lay in the dust,

Haggard, who would give me a drink?

Wobbly, my feet began to find their way,

Walking into wholesome brokenness.

Heart at no ease, I bowed to hopeless thought,

To find an ocean in the desert,

To find One who’d offer me a drink.

“Let he who thirsts, come to the waters,”

The call came, calm and firm.

Wearily, I crawled through the gates of the wind to the fountain:

“I’m filthy, I’m broken, and I’ve got no money,”

But the gate flung wide open. “Drink, and be healed.”

About Olowo Hope

Hope is a 17-year old from Nigeria. Her first poem, “A New Me,” appears in Issue 3 of Lost Pen Magazine. Also, find another of her poems, “Peace,” here.

For more inspirational content, please visit our Spotlight Blog as well as our Magazine Issues page to download your free copy of Lost Pen Magazine.

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