Flash Fiction: Spiritual Warrior

Photo by Mark Frost from Pixabay


In my young adult years, I met a couple at my church who ministered to teen runaways at a shelter in downtown Hollywood. The wife told me stories of how the runaways had been enslaved into prostitution. She also told me of many victories over demons. My short work below was previously published in “The Friday Fix” on in response to the prompt “Sympathy for the Devil,” a song by The Rolling Stones. May we all put on the full armour of God every day!Jenise Cook, writer and LPM editor



Spiritual Warrior

She haunts the two o’clock morning darkness of Hollywood Boulevard. Sword in hand, helmet strapped on, shield up, breastplate firmly fitted, feet shod with peace. She paces the street, leading teen-aged runaways to the shelter’s welcoming warmth.

Their stories set her heart ablaze.

She holds no sympathy for the devil.




About Jenise Cook

Cook is a fourth-generation Californian who has called Arizona home for over twelve years. A daughter of the American Southwest, she finds inspiration for her writing and photography in the region’s history, people, and places. Cook earns a living as a corporate writer, editor, and instructional designer. She publishes stories and articles on various online journals including Medium. Her poem “Lifesaver” along with her photograph of the resurrected Christ appear in Issue 1 of Lost Pen Magazine. Visit her website for more information.


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