Poetry: A Broken Vessel Made Whole

Photo by Rafał Rudol on Unsplash


A Broken Vessel Made Whole

by Robert M. Starr


I touched the wood with a trembling hand

And felt the blood of a crucified man.


He was guiltless, innocent, without sin,

Yet He hung on the cross, dying at the hands of men.


I thought of the ones who had put Him there,

And my heart knew the bitter pain of despair.


I knelt at His feet, filled with shame;

He looked down at me and called my name.


The suffering in His voice was more than I could bear,

For I knew that I had put Him up there.


His head was covered by a crown of thorns;

His brow was bleeding and His flesh was torn.


A sign proclaimed Him king of the Jews,

But I knew in my heart He was my King too.


I felt His love reaching out to me,

Offering life for eternity.


My eyes met His; peace flooded my soul,

For a broken vessel was now made whole.



About Robert M. Starr

Starr is a native Texan who feels more at home in wild places than cities. Starr “lies for a living” by writing the kinds of fictional stories he likes to read, and he also writes the occasional bit of poetry. Starr’s two published novels, Until Shiloh Comes and A Walk in the Wilderness, have won awards. Starr’s new release, The Mountain Valley Wrangler, is a traditional western. Starr’s poem, “The Cross that Reached to Heaven” will appear in Issue 3 of Lost Pen Magazine. Visit Starr on Amazon  and Goodreads.



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