The Princess and Her Prince, A Poem by Anna Jensen

(photo by Photo by Alice Alinari on Unsplash)


The Princess and Her Prince

by Anna Jensen


The princess knew not where she wandered

        nor quite how she had got there

Isolated in a darkened dell

        devoid of friends or fairies.

Snared, entrapped,


Muddied, soiled, abused.


Pristine gown, stained and spattered

        slashed and briar-torn

Feet no longer safely slippered;

        locks no longer fair

      but knotted, wild, confused.

Extensions of her matted mind.


Daring out on love’s pure errand

her prince 

        in glistening white 

sets forth

Brandishing his blood-washed blade

        he decimates the choking thicket

the cloying, corrupting lies.

    The strangulating vines of visceral despair.


And like knights upon their noble quest

        to salvage hidden treasures

her prince retrieves his broken bride.

        Re-gowns, repairs



About Anna Jensen

image002I am a British ex-pat who has lived in South Africa for nearly as long as in England. I have exchanged squirrels in the garden for monkeys; the caw of crows with the terrified-seeming cry of the hadeda ibis. I swelter under a hot summer sun, rather than shiver in the freezing rain.

And it is here, under a wide-open sky, that I have begun to write in response to a call from Jesus to ‘write what I see in a book.’  My first book, The Outskirts of His Glory was published in May of this year.

I trust the eyes of your heart will be opened as you read the words I’m privileged to put on pages.

Contact Jensen at:


Facebook:   @annaloujensen

Twitter:       @annalouj

Instagram:  @annaloujens

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