How You Can Support What You Love

My church often uses the phrase “You support what you love” when it wants to remind us that people often find the means to give of their time, money, and resources when they care deeply about something. In this same spirit, I’d like to encourage you to support an important project that the Christian Creative Nexus has been working on since last year: the Lost Pen Magazine.




In order to fund the development, production, and distribution of the Lost Pen and it’s parent, the Christian Creative Nexus, we are hosting a fundraiser. Interested parties can support our mission by purchasing an original speculative fiction short story called Dead Wood on Kindle.

The story will available as of October 4 for $3.97 USD. The theme and content is perfect for this time of year. 🙂 Find Dead Wood here.


Copy of Come and get it!


Here’s the blurb for Dead Wood:

Following the trail of his errant dog, Jim enters the overgrown field bordering the Dead Wood—a shady area steeped in urban legends. Under the light of the moon, a tower appears, and its bewitching inhabitant draws Jim into a nightmare that he, and his dog, might not survive.


For more information about the Lost Pen Magazine and the upcoming Winter issue, click here.

Also, for fun, visit our Six Questions interview, hosted by Jim Harrington, for info about our purpose and an editor’s view on what it’s like to manage a magazine.

Thank you for your ongoing support!


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