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Meet Your Hostess: An Interview with JW/Fuzion Radio

Last night, I had the tremendous blessing of being featured on the Artist First Radio Network hosted by the amazing James and Wendy Barnes of JW/Fuzion Radio.


jwfusion - IMG_0140

James Barnes

Doing an interview is challenging: you have to think fast on your feet while giving answers that are clear, that make sense, and that show your personality. James and Wendy were so easy and fun to work with that I think (hope!) I pulled off all three. We talked about the Christian Creative Nexus ministry, my writing journey and its successes and challenges, and the other projects I have going on (mentoring and Focus Writing Services). But most importantly, we talked about God’s role in bringing all of it into being. 


jwfusion - IMG_0139

Wendy L. Cunningham Barnes

I’d love for you to check out the interview. You’ll get to meet your hostess and hear me share about how God transformed me from a Me-First creative into a God-Focused creative, and about why supporting and encouraging creatives is so important.



To listen to the interview, click on this link.

Leave a message below to share your thoughts, or encourage us by sharing how God is transforming your dreams, visions, and creativity. 

jw fuzion - Dyane Ford Photo

Dyane Forde (Delia Talent)


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