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How’s Your Heart this Christmas?

Relax and Reset

I can’t believe it’s December! So much has been happening that I can barely keep up. I’m sure you feel similarly, especially with the Christmas season around the corner.

As you’re getting ready to contend with snowfalls and snow storms, endless hours of holiday music blasting in the stores, and pushing past other customers to get the perfect gifts for the special people in your lives, take some time to remember what the Christmas season is really about: Jesus coming down to earth to become the ultimate Gift to mankind, a gift He was willing to give whether we wanted to receive Him or not. That is true sacrifice, and it’s why our God in unlike any other.

I mention this because for years I was getting tired of Christmas. Well, not Christmas itself but the commercialism. Santa Claus idolization and the jarring jingling of sleigh bells made me gnash my teeth!  But I realized that I was focusing on the wrong thing. Instead of being angry about mankind idolizing a man in a red suit, why not focus on the perfect Man who came to us in the humble garb of a blanket and surrounded by his faithful parents and a flock of animals? Why not think about that baby who grew into an incredible youth and then into the Man who changed the course of human history?

If you’re feeling a little Christmased-out, I invite you to recalibrate your focus and look up. Jesus is the reason for the season, and because of Him, our hearts should be filled with hope, gratitude, and love this Christmas season.

How is your heart this Christmas season? How do you keep your Christmas cheer? Let us know by posting your comments below.


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