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Today’s Thought: It’s Never Too Late

Sheriane Cowie is a full-time nurse at a renowned Montreal hospital. She didn’t always want to be a nurse, though. Growing up, she had a knack for drawing and decided to become a graphic artist. It was after that plan fell through that she turned to nursing. A few months ago, curious to see if she still could still draw, she took up a colored pencil and went to work. She was thrilled to see that she still ‘had it.’



Be encouraged! Our talents are a part of us and a gift from God. It’s never too late to do what you love. Circumstances might take you in a different direction than expected, but that doesn’t mean your gift is lost. It might become a hobby instead of a career. Or, you might have to wait before taking it up again. 

If you can relate, ask God to show you what He intends for you and your slumbering gifts today.


–Delia T.

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