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Book Feature: Mountains Where You Can Ride Horses

Today’s book feature, Mountains Where You Can Ride Horses, is by author Patricia Dimsdale. Here is what she says about her book: 

“The last book finished was Mountains Where You Can Ride Horses. The lady (Tesha Echolt), who is an accountant, has avoided her ex for six years, but now he has located her and continues to threaten to kill her. (From my own experience.) She enrolls in carpentry in another location because she wants to build her own cabin in a remote place in the wilderness and escape the threats. 

While at college, the heroine learns more about herself, and makes choices which are not what she originally planned.” 



Dimsdale is also an artist, and she has included these fine drawings for this post:



Tesha by the river


More from Dimsdale about why she wrote this difficult book:

“When women are threatened by an ex, as I was, the first reaction is to run far away and try to hide somewhere, which is a reasonable choice.

In my book, Mountains Where You Can Ride Horses, the lady seeks the serenity of mountains to find peace. What God has in mind for her is something else. God provides people who come into her life who help her. When a woman has a caring community around her, she can find protection and comfort. The Creator does not want us to live in isolation. He designed us to want to be connected to others. 

Throughout the book, I show how kind people are a blessing to the woman. I also show the difference between how a humble man supports a woman, and an abusive man demeans a woman.” 



About Patricia Dimsdale:

Patricia Dimsdale is a non-denominational Christian who accepts all Christians as part of God’s family. Each of her books contain people from different churches. Dimsdale appreciates the serenity of nature and God’s presence in it so much that she likes to include them in her books. You can find her other book, Fissure in the Rock: An Illustrated Novella, on Amazon here.

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