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Behind-the-scenes of “Love is Patient” and Book Giveaway, by Lila Diller

Behind-the-scenes of Love is Patient

by Lila Diller

What Do You Do When You Lose All Your Work?

What did I do when I lost almost everything? I did it all over again. And then I found it was so much easier the second time.

While working on my third novel, #3 in the “Love is…” series, I saved and saved and saved my file. Then I lost it.


I had crafted my first rough draft in Scrivener using the free trial. But I was having trouble seeing how all the parts combined together, so I copied everything into a new Word document. Then I went back for my first revision and added several scenes and many transitions. At the end of every day, I made sure to save my edits.


I used to love revising, but for some reason, I really hated it this time. Do you like writing first drafts or revising better?

After about three months of dragging my feet, I finally realized that my deadline was looming. So I picked up the pace. Or I would have, if I had been able to access my novel.


What I didn’t plan on was that one file getting corrupted. Somehow that file’s information was transformed into pages of #######. That’s all I could get out of it. 😦 (The only explanation I can of is that the cord to my external hard drive must have come loose when saving that last time.)

I realized then that I had only been saving edits in the same file. I had never hit “Save As” to create a new file with the new edits. So when I lost that file, I had to start all over again from the very first, roughest of rough drafts. I was devastated.


I cried to all my author friends and felt a little better that they sympathized so much with me. Then I had to take a deep breath and get back to work. Now I had three times more work to do in two months than I had expected. I didn’t have time to drag my feet this time.


I didn’t know how I was going to remember everything I had revised before. And I didn’t. But it was easier this time. Knowing better where I wanted the story to end up, knowing now that I had already tied this scene to that scene, confidence helped me do it again quicker.

There was one scene I had agonized over, and when I lost it, I despaired that it would never be that good ever again. It probably isn’t. 😉 But I think the Lord used it to give me peace as to the final product. The first time, I kept going back and forth, trying to decide how detailed to get. The second time, I had already made that decision (after more prayer), and I felt confident that the Holy Spirit led me to the correct decision.


Have you ever been in a situation that seemed terrible at the time but looking back, you now see some good that has come from it? This is an example of a small thing that Jesus redeemed. Do you have a big thing?


The Lord gave me the idea for the “Love is…” series, a contemporary Christian Romance based on the Bible’s descriptions of agape love in 1 Corinthians 13. It follows the heroine Morgan through her love life and on into her marriage, focusing mostly on romantic relationships, but also incorporating real-life circumstances to show Christ-like, agape love in different relationships, whether family, friends, or enemies.

Love is Not Arrogant or Rude is the first installment of Lila Diller’s “Love is…” Series, based on the Bible’s definition of true agape love in 1 Corinthians 13, a contemporary Christian Romance introducing Morgan’s saga from her first-person point of view, and set in a fictional, college town in North Carolina. Morgan must choose between two men, her current boss or a former flame. Who will show her true love?a

1 Love is Not Arrogant or Rude

Love Does Not Envy or Boast is the second in the series. I won’t spoil it for you, but it follows Morgan dating experience with the man of her choice from #1. Will suspicions and jealousy tear them apart? Will their budding love take root? Or will it wither?

Love is Patient is the third in the series, and it shows the stress of planning a wedding and of waiting for sex until marriage. Will there be a wedding after all? Will they learn to wait on the Lord? Or will they rush into an impure relationship and sully their love with guilt?

Love is Patient


Until August 1, I’m giving away a copy of #1, Love is Not Arrogant or Rude! The winner can choose either paperback or e-book (paperback is only for US residents, sorry). 

To enter the giveaway, leave a comment below answering one or both of these questions and contact me at to request your free book: 1) Do you like writing first drafts or revising better? Or 2) Have you ever been in a situation that seemed terrible at the time but looking back, you now see some good that has come from it?


About Lila Diller

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Lila is outnumbered by a houseful of males: wife to husband of 16 years, homeschooling mom to two energetic boys, and caretaker of a hyper half-Collie, half-mutt, Copper. She loves purple, sushi, dark chocolate, and reading. As the author of the “Love is…” series and a blogger at Creating Romance, she loves to help readers create romance in their marriages and draw closer to Jesus. You can find her at

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