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by Mary Akinwa 

Dear One, it’s good to have you with us today. Before I share what’s on my heart, I want to take time to appreciate you, yes YOU, for being a part of this story. Thank you. 

Today’s take is on contentment and complacence. My desire is that by the time you are done reading this piece, your understanding of both concepts will be broadened and you can take action, where necessary.

Contentment is defined by The Oxford Dictionary of English as a feeling of happiness or satisfaction; this feeling could be directed at something or someone. Often, we hear people say: ‘I am contented with this or that.’ Basically, contentment is a state of mind which influences our actions and behaviours. For someone who is contented, he or she would not want to put in any extra effort or seek to make the state of something better.

Now, the Bible encourages contentment, for godliness with contentment is great gain. This explains that a man should be content, satisfied and happy with that which the Lord has given unto him. The human nature, however, wants the best for itself, hence there is always the struggle for something, even when that something is achieved there comes the struggle for another thing. It often looks as if the struggle continues.

To understand this piece better let us look at what complacence is.

Complacence is a situation wherein you become too satisfied with yourself or with a situation so that you do not feel that any change is necessary. Complacency is a very dangerous game and it should not be played by anyone who desires to be successful. Whatever is approached with complacency never succeeds. Complacency is devoid of zeal for the best.

This is where contention lies. We might be tempted to say: ‘Oh, I don’t want to come off as being too ambitious, I just want to be contented with where I am and what I have.’ Or you might think: ‘I’m okay at this point in my life and I can survive with what I have.’

Before you decide on being contented with any position or situation, be sure that you have received the best of that situation. Be sure that it is at that point that God desires you to stay. Be sure that the level you are is where God has proposed for you. Don’t hide under the guise of being contented when in fact what you really are is complacent. A thin line exists between contentment and complacence and if you cannot differentiate between when to move forward and when to rest, you might be caught up in between not achieving to the fullest God’s desire for you and being overly ambitious.

You’re probably wondering: ‘How do I know when I’m being complacent or contented?’ The word of God says, ‘…for I know the thoughts I have towards you, thoughts of good and not of evil to bring you to an EXPECTED END!’

Has God taken you to that expected end in your career, relationship, academics, business etc? If so, then please be contented. If not, do not fold your hands; don’t be complacent. Press on! Push forward! ‘Til you are convinced that you have arrived at God’s designated stop.

Also, contentment is not an excuse for mediocrity. Erase any mentality of mediocrity and trust God to give you the best regarding the task at hand.

Remember always that you deserve only the best! Anything short of the best is not God’s ideal for you.


About Mary Akinwa :

Mary is a christian writer and speaker currently based in Nigeria. She has a vision to share God’s message through writing and speaking, this she does on her social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram as well as her christian lifestyle blog.



Contact her at: 

Facebook- The Tennybrainy Blog

Instagram- @thetennybrainyblog



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