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Julie C. Gilbert: Writer, Teacher, Believer

Meet Julie C. Gilbert

My writing tagline is: Writer. Teacher. Believer. That basically sums me up. They’re in no particular order. If you went with straight longevity, then it would read: Believer. Writer. Teacher. But order really doesn’t matter. They’re all intertwined. Writing has influenced teaching and vice versa, and being a believer has always provided a foundation for the other two.

I started writing just before college because I had the time and the inclination. Writing’s amazing because it’s a skill that can be improved over time just by doing. I suppose that is true for all skills, but this is one where there are distinct things you can do to improve the art and craft.


A Brief Look at the Christian Books:

Each of my books can be considered clean, though I’d say some series are more geared toward a Christian audience than others.

Spirit’s Bane (YA Fantasy, currently free; releasing on audiobook soon) – You get to meet Mina and Allister, two guardian angel candidates. They have something called a Kindred Spirit Bond, which makes them stronger and gains Satan’s attention. It’s fantasy but set partly on Earth and contains some of my deepest thoughts about life, death, angels, demons, and Christian life.

What I like about the main characters: Allister’s kind of a goof content to sail along in his studies until they start getting into the nitty-gritty details of actually protecting people. Mina’s always been more thoughtful and serious than her counterpart, but she gets a chance to shine in the second half of the story.

Heartfelt Cases (Christian Mystery, some are free; available in audiobook) – This series features a pair of FBI agents as several very personal cases. Ann and Patrick are used to facing danger, but they learn to rely on God’s grace to get them through cases where they’re not the only ones in trouble. Each case stands alone. The first three are novellas and the 4th (The Keres Case) is a full novel. The Quinn Case is a prequel set several years before the first book.


CC ebook 3.21.15


What I like about the main characters: They’re ordinary humans. Okay, so a lot of my characters are given Gifts and powers, but Ann and Patrick only have their wits, training, and God on their side. Nobody genetically altered them to make them extra special, but God’s given them gifts of intelligence, loyalty, and determination that still carry them through tough times.

Redeemer Chronicles (MG Fantasy) – Honestly, this series started as a spoof on fantasy using the Chosen One trope. It turned into something much deeper. In Awakening, readers meet Vic (Victoria Saveron), a thirteen-year-old girl struggling with the idea that she’s the Chosen Redeemer. Through the events of that story, she actually awakens to her Gifts and begins to step into her role. The Holy War continues right where Awakening left off with Vic and her friends scrambling to stop the two magical races from declaring war on each other. Reclaim the Darklands shows us a very different Vic, one who has finally accepted that she might need to go into the Darklands to save the world.


RC Awakening


What I like about the main characters: They grow up. Vic and her friends fight very hard to maintain peace. She’s a sweet kid, a tad on the naïve side at first, but by the time we meet her in Reclaim the Darklands, she’s accepted who she is and committed herself to battling evil with everything she’s got.


AD kindle final 3.6.15


Writing as a Ministry:

Many of my ebooks are free.

At the end of 2017, I got fed up with the Indie writer mentality of sell-sell-SELL! Don’t get me wrong, I still check KDP’s number of downloads for my titles pretty regularly, but I’ve always wanted this to be more about sharing the works and connecting with people than about making money. I do not set out to make people cry, but there’s something special about being able to use words to reach in and touch another’s heart.

As soon as something turns into a “job,” it becomes less fun. I know some writers can’t afford a philosophy like that, but while I can, I’ll indulge in it. That’s why I buy a lot of the paperbacks, postcards, pencils, and other cool stuff from Shutterfly. Trouble is actually finding people and places to donate them to. I also commission quite a few audiobook versions because I want to reach people wherever they’re at.



In addition to fiction, I also have several non-fiction titles including one on blurb writing for writers, one on surviving chemistry for high school students, and a book of inspirational Christian poetry called Thin Black Road. It’s free as an ebook, but it’s also more powerful as a paperback, so I offer to mail a copy to anybody who wants one. The offer’s open to anybody. I just need you to mail me a request and a mailing address.

Thanks for joining me today. Hope you can find something new to love. Get in touch if you need help with choosing a series right for your tastes.


Links and Contact Info:


Website – Link to offer of 3 free books.

Amazon page – has all the published works.



Instagram: juliecgilbert_writer – see all the latest swag


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