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Confessions From the Science Lady

Not every act of creativity involves writing or publishing books, composing a song, or painting. There are many unsung ‘creative heroes’ who use their creativity, skills, and passion to communicate the love of Jesus to others in different ways. 

Today’s guest is a woman who is dedicated to teaching children about Christ through the Vacation Bible School program. In her own words, Judith reveals why she chose the VBS to showcase her creativity. 



Confessions From the Science Lady


The Facts:

Name: Judith Cooper McNamee                                                     

Age: 32

Special verse: Psalm 37:25

25 I was young and now I am old,
    yet I have never seen the righteous forsaken
    or their children begging bread.

Favourite books: The Visitation (Frank Peretti) Boneman’s Daughters (Ted Dekker)

Favourite quotes: “God is clever, but not malicious” (Albert Einstein); “If Jesus wasn’t God, He deserved an Oscar” (Josh McDowell)


The Confessional:

So the question was asked to me, ‘Why do I participate in Vacation Bible School?’ That is a layered question and the reasons seem to multiply the more I ponder it. So here goes:

#1: First and foremost the #1 reason I participate in Vacation Bible School is because I want to teach “baby adults” about the love of Jesus Christ—that there is a God in heaven who created each person and loves each of them. I want my children to be able to look at their lives and say ‘Mommy wasn’t perfect, but she wanted to make God happy and not only did she teach us about Jesus, but that she worked to teach others about Him too.’

#2: Second reason, because it is so much fun! I enjoy using God’s science laws to teach a Bible lesson and then comes my favourite question “What can we learn from this?” opens up to the children how we can apply Biblical truth in the day-to-day. I love thinking about what Albert Einstein said, “God is clever but not malicious” meaning God in not un-knowable. He created this planet with such things as the law of gravity and the laws of physics and I love using these constants (much like the results of an experiment can be repeated to the same result).

#3: Third reason and one that you would not expect from me…reason 2 told you I enjoyed teaching the children and preparing a lesson. Well I should also mention that my humanness is with me every day—the shy, kinda anti-social/unfriendly/ quite grouchy side of me— is this the kind of person who should be talking to kids? When you see that list and realize this is coming from the Vacation Bible School Science Lady, I hope you can say with me ‘Not I in this hour, but Christ power!” I love knowing God is at work in even me!                                 


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