Freaky Friday Music Jam: ‘You Will’ by Andy Mineo

One of the best discoveries I’ve made on Spotify is Christian rap and hip hip. Rap and hip hop are not my favorite music genres, but whether I’m at the gym or cleaning, they get me fired up and make unpleasant activities seem less, well, unpleasant. (I’m looking at you , Treadmill!) I enjoy the rhythms, the rhyming, the God-focused messages, and one thing that is often lacking in Christianity today: an often bold, in-your-face message that makes you look long and hard at yourself.
Andy Mineo was an amazing discovery. Often playful, deep, and usually moving, his music is amongst my favorites. I had wanted to post the video for You Can’t Stop Me but the words are so fast that it’d be hard to follow. Also, I find the video might be distracting when what I hope people focus on are the amazing lyrics. So, I am posting You Will, another great song with a poignant message for anyone struggling in their walk with God. If you’re feeling lost, discouraged, misunderstood, or rejected, this song is for you. Look up! God is on your side and nothing can change that. Every promise He made to you, He will fulfill in His time and in His way.
So, enjoy this song, follow the lyrics. And if you’re like me, you’ll need A LOT of space to jump around, and maybe even head bang. A little.
Happy viewing!

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