Flash Fiction for Easter

(Reblog) A flash fiction story for Easter originally posted on the original Delia Talent blog.


Teaser Excerpt:

At Last


Three years later, this is how it ended. Conspiracy. Betrayal. Bitter lashes, lacerated skin. A lonely walk towards an ugly hill.

A road that stopped at the cross.

Darkness was growing, invisible to human eyes but thick like oil to celestial senses. A living, twisted manifestation of evil, it curled and writhed in the spaces between the masses of people, inflaming, pulsing; subverting reason and compassion. Rendering the degenerate heart of Men into a furnace.

Kill him!

Put him on the cross!

Destroy him who claims to be the Son of God!

Hands shoved and tore at the man at the centre of it all. Rocks fell to his left and to his right. Thorns from a mocking crown dug into his flesh. Dripping blood burned his eyes and seeped into his mouth.

Tell us the truth! Are you the Son of God?



For more, please visit the original post.

–Delia T.

Focus Writing Services

Flash fiction: a Behind the Scenes look at the Cross…Click on the link to read At Last, my flash fiction in honor or Easter.


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